Travel agency travelisto.com required a website designed for visual impact, speed, and lead generation. We were approach with questions about our goal-oriented website design service, and after discussing at length the client’s commercial goals and expectations, we complemented our website designer service with paid digital and SEO elements to give our clients the best-in-class solution to launch this new travel brand.

Brandwaves web design clients - Travelisto

The website is not only visually striking, it is packed with functionalities that cater for an international audience, such as the ability to switch currencies based on the client’s location, and direct integration with the client’s CRM to capture and convert leads more efficiently.

Since the website relies heavily on high quality images and videos to communicate the brands expertise in travel, speed was an issue from the outset. We setup the appropriate hosting solution and worked on speed optimisations to ensure the website’s look and feel did not come at the expense of speed.

Brandwaves web design clients - Travelisto

In addition, the team at BrandWaves also provided the client with a curated list of 577 keywords to underpin the brand’s SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing plans.

Perhaps most important of all from a client’s perspective, the total cost of the project was, beyond any doubt, at least half what other digital marketing agencies would have charged for a similar project.   


We offered Travelisto a digital marketing bundle comprising goal oriented website design plus additional features including, SEO, Content Marketing and Copywriting, and PPC.

The main services requested by the travel specialist include:

  • Goal Oriented Website Design to ensure, over a period of three months, that the website was not only visually stunning, but also optimised for speed, lead capture, and conversions.


  • Copywriting and Website Editing

  • Custom applications, including a currency switcher that displays the correct currency symbol based on the website visitors geographic location, and integrating the website with the client’s CRM.

  • Curated keyword list of 577 keywords, sorted by search volume and raking difficulty, to feed the client’s SEO, Content Marketing, and PPC strategies.

  • Creating remarking lists on Google Ads for remarking and GDN ads

  • High Availability hosting solution, including static resources such as images being stored in a separate subdomain and served over a content delivery network (CDN)

  • Custom speed optimisations to ensure the website downloads fast across geographic zones and devices.


We were very happy with the estimated cost of the project, the flexibility and level of support offered by BrandWaves, and the quick turnaround for this project which enabled us at Travelisto to start advertising our travel packages less than three months after founding the brand. We recommend Brandwaves digital marketing services unreservedly.

ABRAHAM BRAVO, Travelisto Limited