Content marketing with a difference

Our experienced team can help you produce engaging content for websites or social media, product photography for e-commerce, SEO-focused content, bespoke content marketing strategies, ad copy for you paid campaigns on Google, Bing or Social Media, and much more.

Our content management service is not limited to textual content. We can also leverage your message with graphics, photography, animations, and video.

Pricing is per project and based on a flat hourly rate so you can predict costs and stay on top of your spending from the outset.

Content Marketing


All-in-One Website Content Solution

BrandWaves’ approach to producing copy for your website isn’t only about creating engaging content. 

Our multi-discipline expertise allows us to bring together elements of UX Design, Usability studies, Search Engine Optimisation techniques, Visual Design, and creative communications to produce a website content architecture and copy that works twice as hard to engage your audience and reach your commercial goals.

Armed with the know how and hands-on experience in these inter-connecting fields of expertise, we are able to create a website content architecture that integrates seamlessly with your brand’s design guidelines, voice, and style. We concentrate in crafting a rock-solid CTA strategy to ensure each of your pages, funnels, and navigation paths deliver conversions and drive new business. We ensure that your website engages your audience, and communicates your brand values and distinctiveness.  

content for websites

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Leverage your message with graphics, photography, animations, and video

Not only that, we work across a range of media to deliver not only textual content, but also graphics, video, sliders, and html 5 animations, and across channels so your content assets can be used on your website, social media, GDN campaigns, and beyond.

Our All-in-One Website Content solution is a one-stop shop for all the media you could possibly need to leverage your products, communicate your brand distinctiveness, and engage new and repeat clients, placing your business above the background noise everyone else is making.

Pricing is per project and based on a flat hourly rate so you can predict costs and stay on top of your spending from the outset.

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Digital Media Creation

We can help you create the digital media you’ll need to roll out your multi-channel campaigns. This includes:

Our content marketing service is very complete. We can help you create content for your website and advertising channels, including text, video, photography, and eye-catching sliders. But we also bring SEO into the equation to ensure your content ranks well on search engines. We can help you localise your website if need a multi-lingual website, and we’ll show leverage your content for distribution across your multi-channel network.

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How we can Help

Whether you are looking to outsource some of your content marketing, strengthen an in-house marketing team,
or commissioning a content marketing strategy and action plan to take charge of your content marketing yourself, we are here to help

It can be expensive to keep content marketing in-house. Every year, we help businesses across the UK cost-effectively outsource their content marketing strategy and implementation. If you are looking at outsourcing some or all of your content, get in touch for an informal chat and free consultation.

We know from personal experience that the average marketing team is, more often than not, overloaded trying to keep up with ambitious multi-channel marketing strategies. If your team is looking to spread the workload and increase effectiveness, achieve more, and bring fresh eyes, ideas, and expertise to an existing team, we are here to help. We have plenty of experience working with marketing teams to deliver outstanding results and reach your company’s commercial goals.

For small businesses and start-ups, content marketing is usually something founders themselves attempt to undertake. Fair enough, nobody knows your service better than yourself, and there isn’t lots of cash to outsource. 

There’s lots, however, we can do to help in the area of content. From something specialised like product photography, SEO and outreach, or video design, to a bespoke content marketing strategy to give startups the know how, action plan, training and guidelines to successfully make content draw in new business.

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Without a content marketing plan, businesses tend to end up with content all over the place. A costly mistake that does little to increase brand awareness and generate leads cost effectively.

Our bespoke content marketing strategies provide our clients with clear guidelines, a plan and roadmap to producing and delivering content across all channels. It answers all of the key questions including what to write about, where to publish, when to publish, what goals to pursue and how to measure results.

Whether you are only starting and understand the importance of having a coherent framework to guide your content marketing efforts, or have been doing it for a while a need to maximise results, we are here to help.

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Content Marketing

Bundles. Content Marketing

If you need content for your website, paid campaigns on Google or Social Media, your newsletters, your blog, or to feed your SEO strategy, then getting everything you need in one bundle can be more cost effective and produce better, more consistent results.

That’s why we enable our clients to bundle up our content marketing services with other digital marketing services we provide.

For instance, you can ask for a website design including content, or for a ppc campaign on Google including ad copy and graphics.

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Combine one or more of the following

By trusting us with more than one marketing channel, you’ll get a more consistent approach, a one-stop shop for support and guidance, and a cheaper price than outsourcing each channel separately or keeping in house enough staff to realise your multi-channel marketing strategy.

  • PPC, Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising

  • Facebook Ads

  • Landing Page Optimisation

  • Goal Driven Web Design

  • Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimisation

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