At BrandWaves, we are not your average digital marketing agency. We are a co-op of field specialists that come together and pool resources around your specific needs to offer a truly bespoke service.

This business structure allows us to offer you professional services from seasoned, experienced, and top-qualified field experts at extremely competitive prices.

Each of our partners is at the top of their fields and benefit from no less than ten years of experience as senior executives for established British companies.

Digital Marketing Agency in Beckenham, Bromley, Kent



First and foremost, I want to thank you for being here, and taking the time to read our blurb.  I appreciate you must be saturated with selling pitches if you are considering engaging the services of a digital marketing agency.

So, no selling pitches from me. Just an honest account of what I think we do really well, and why clients love us.

If, after reading about us and our clients, you decide perhaps we can help, I hope you get in touch. I’d love to hear about your business, your plans, and your goals for  this year.

Our premise is simple. We want you to succeed. Only if you succeed, we do well and grow. That’s why you’ll always have our undivided attention when it comes to providing you with solutions to generating more leads and sales through all available digital marketing channels.

What clients love the most about us is that we provide a close to complete service. PPC, Web Development, Email Marketing, Social Media, Content and SEO. We cover all these areas support our clients at the level of planning, execution, and guidance. Outsourcing digital marketing channels to different agencies or keeping them in-house can quickly become very expensive. It also generates a lot of work for managers trying to bring the different digital marketing agencies to work within a single framework. Our customers like having a complete solution, from a single business.

We are very experienced. Ten years is a long time, and in that time, we’ve done virtually everything, from organising WTM stands to running complex PPC campaigns to advertising in all industry media outlets and developing IT systems and websites.

We’ve worked with the Trade and in the B2C sector, with established companies, and start-ups. All of that experience, we put unreservedly at your disposal.

Finally, we might well be international in reach, and indeed many of our clients reside abroad. But we are, first and foremost, local people and a local business. Many of our clients are based in Bromley, Beckenham, Crystal Palace, Penge, West Wickham, and the surrounding areas. And we love supporting our local community and fostering local businesses. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a local business thrive with our modest contribution.

That’s it. If you need help with digital marketing, we are here. I hope you do get in touch and tell us about your business, and your plans. I’m sure we’ll have something to contribute to realising your goals

Kindest Regards.


I’d love to hear about your business, your goals and targets, and your growth plans for this year.  Meet me on LinkedIn or Facebook and let’s start a conversation.

M. Perez, BrandWaves



MIKEOnline Paid Advertising, Web Design
Setting up and running campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads is what I do best. I’m also very keen on web design and development, and have experience with CRMs like Zoho and Hubspot.
Application developer through and through. I usually deal with integrations and back office applications. I can provide you with a custom application to run your business, or a SAAS.
ANDREASocial Media, Design
Engaging your audience on Social Media is what I do best. I also love design, photography, and events management. Desktop Publishing and Branding are also my passion.
YORKCloud-Based Services
Infrastructure is my thing: Cloud-based services and applications (very relevant nowadays as companies realise just how important it is to be able to function remotely). VOIP Service and Networks too.
I’m the database specialist at BrandWaves. Back-end development is also a personal favourite and I help with CMS / CRM and Back Office integrations, and with web development.
I keep everyone else in check when it comes to spending, investing in new technologies, R&D and whatnot. I look after the books and ensure our business is healthy and growing.

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